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Murree, known as the “Queen of Hills,” is an enchanting hill station that has long been a favored destination for those seeking escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re an adventurer, a nature lover, or simply looking for a peaceful escape, Murree has something to offer everyone. Kashmir Point, Patriata, Mall Road Murree, and Pindi Point are famous tourist points in Murree.

Things to do in Murree

If you’re planning a visit to Murree, here are some delightful experiences awaiting you:
View Points
Snow Falling
Horse Riding
Chair lift

Interesting Information About Murree

Basic Details
434 Sq. km
7,517.1 ft
Best Month to Visit
Snowfall Prediction
Dec - Feb
Max Snowfall Range
62.6 In

Murree Distance From Other Cities

Ayubia to Murree
26.0 km
Nathia Gali to Murree
38.4 km
Islamabad to Murree
64.3 km
Muzaffarabad to Murree
67.8 km
Abbottabad to muree
74.4 km
Rawalpindi to Murree
76.8 km
Naran to Murree
183.4 km
Swat to Murree
171 km
Gilgit to Murree
415.8 km
Lahore to Murree
449.9 km
Multan to Murree
598.5 km
karachi to Murree
1,471.5 km

Best Time to Visit

°C (Max/Min)
6° / -3°
6° / -1°
12° / 4°
16° / 8°
20° / 11°
22° / 14°
20° / 14°
20° / 14°
19° / 12°
17° / 8°
13° / 4°
9° / 0°

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First, make your way to Islamabad. From there, head to the Pir Wadhai Bus Terminal, where you can find public buses or shared vans that regularly travel to Murree. Confirm the route and fare before boarding, then enjoy a scenic ride through the beautiful Murree Hills, ultimately arriving in the charming town of Murree. Be mindful of varying schedules and road conditions, especially during winter months.

Drive your own vehicle or hire a car, and take the Murree Expressway for a scenic 2-3 hour journey through beautiful landscapes, ultimately arriving in the charming town of Murree. This self-driven option offers flexibility and independence in your travel plans, making it ideal for those comfortable navigating the roads.

Trip Budget to Murree

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget
that you will require for the travel

Hotels booking

from 3500 Rs/night


Start 10 Rs/km


Approx. 300 Rs/litr

Average meal cost

2500 Rs for 2 person

Plan A Custom Trip


20% Discount
If you reserve a tour with us in given timeframe.

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See What People Say About Their Trips to Murree Mall Road

The best thing in murree, I like is the snowfall. I went with my family & stayed three days & it such a quality time we spend together.
Kumail Tariq
Whenever i go murree, I get a chance to meet people from different cultures at one place. I love sceneric views. I love Murree culture also.
Farhan Khan
Amazing palace to visit untabbed natural beauty of Pakistan Murree has beauty which you might have not scene before.
Daniyal Janjua

People May Ask

When you visit Murree, make sure you don’t forget to visit Mall Road, which is a bustling hub of shops and restaurants. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Kashmir Point and Pindi Point viewpoints. Explore the charming Patriata chairlift and take in the panoramic views. Also, visit the iconic Bhurban Golf Course for a leisurely round amidst picturesque surroundings.
The best time to visit Murree depends on your preferences. Summers (April to September) offer pleasant weather and lush greenery, while winter (December to February) brings snowy landscapes, making it a popular destination for both seasons.
You can reach Murree by road from Islamabad or Rawalpindi. When you book a trip to Murree with Awaragardi, we provide convenient transport, accommodation, and breakfast.
Murree is generally considered safe for tourists. However, it’s always advisable to exercise common-sense precautions, such as safeguarding your belongings and following local guidelines
Depending on the season, pack appropriate clothing. In summer, light clothing is recommended, while in winter, bring warm clothing, including heavy jackets, gloves, and snow boots if you plan to visit during the snowfall season.
Yes, there is mobile network coverage in most parts of Murree, but it may be limited in some remote areas.

Whether you want to book a honeymoon trip or a family trip from Karachi to Murree, you can contact our experienced team, discuss your requirements, and travel in our highly equipped, comfortable, and spacious vehicles along with native drivers. 

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