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Khunjerab Pass sits at an altitude of 4,693 meters (15,397 feet) above sea level, earning it the nickname “The Roof of the World.” The air is thin, and the landscapes are rugged, with snow-capped peaks and glaciers.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Khunjerab is its status as an international border crossing. The pass connects Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region with China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region. It’s a vital link in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), facilitating trade and cultural exchange between the two countries.

Things to do in Khunjerab

If you are planning to visit Khunjerab with your friends & family, here are a few things to do
Snow falling

Interesting Information About Khunjerab

Basic Details
2,269.13 km
15,397 ft
Best Month to Visit
Snowfall Prediction
Dec - Feb
Max Snowfall Range

Distance of Khunjerab From Other Cities

Ayubia to Khunjerab
635 km
Nathia Gali to Khunjerab
616 km
Islamabad to Khunjerab
715 km
Muzaffarabad to Khunjerab
559 km
Abbottabad to Khunjerab
582 km
Rawalpindi to Khunjerab
722 km
Naran to Khunjerab
439 km
Murree to Khunjerab
623 km
Gilgit to Khunjerab
217 km
Lahore to Khunjerab
1,065 km
Multan to Khunjerab
1,215 km
Karachi to Khunjerab
2,088 km

Best Time to Visit

°C (Max/Min)
-14° / -31°
-12° / -28°
-8° / -25°
-4° / -21°
-5° / -15°
8° / -2°
6° / -1°
7° / 0°
2° / -6°
-4° / -18°
-9° / -25°
-13° / -29°
Khunjerab Pass is typically open to visitors from May to October, as weather conditions can be extremely harsh during the winter months
Travelers need valid passports, visas for both Pakistan and China and any necessary permits to cross the border
There may be entry fees for accessing certain areas or national parks near Khunjerab Pass. Check with local authorities for the latest information.

Trip Budget to Pak China Border

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget
that you will require for the travel

Hotels booking

from 2500 Rs/night


Start 10 Rs/km


Approx. 300 Rs/litr

Average meal cost

3000 Rs for 2 person

Plan A Custom Trip


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If you reserve a tour with us in given timeframe.

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See What People Say About Their Trips to Pak China Border

The best thing in Skardu, I like is the snowfall. I went with my family & stayed three days & it such a quality time we spend together.
Kumail Tariq
Whenever i go Skardu, I get a chance to meet people from different cultures at one place. I love sceneric views. I love Murree culture also.
Farhan Khan
Amazing palace to visit untabbed natural beauty of Pakistan Skardu has beauty which you might have not scene before.
Daniyal Janjua

People May Ask

Yes, Khunjerab is known for its diverse wildlife, including snow leopards, ibex, and Marco Polo sheep. Birdwatchers can also enjoy various avian species.
Regardless of the season, pack warm clothing, including layers, as temperatures can drop significantly at high altitudes. Don’t forget essentials like gloves and a hat.
Basic medical facilities may be available in the region, but it’s recommended to carry a basic first-aid kit and any necessary medications.
You may find small souvenir shops in the area offering traditional handicrafts, local products, and mementos of your visit.
While photography is generally allowed, it’s essential to respect local customs and regulations, especially in sensitive border areas. Always ask for permission when photographing people.
Sust is the nearest town on the Pakistani side, while Tashkurgan is the closest town on the Chinese side.

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