3 Days Honeymoon Trip to PC Bhurban

3 Days


Is hosh-ruba mehngai mein Switzerland to ja nahi sktay honeymoon pay, to kyun na Bhurban he chalay jayen 😁

Especially jab company bhi ho Awaragard or waaday bhi kar rahi ho baray baray!!!!

5-star hotel stay, accommodation costs, affordable packages, comfortable vehicles, and whatnot! 

So, let’s book your romantic 3-day trip to PC Bhurban and spend some precious moments together – away from your nosy friends and family 😛

Cost Includes

  • Parking fees
  • Fuel
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast

Cost Excludes

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Any refreshments during the trip
  • Train or air tickets
  • Anything other than agreed


Hey, lovebirds. Let’s begin this romantic journey from departure to Patriata Hill (New Murree Hills) which mesmerize your nerves with its picturesque beauty. We will travel via Murree Expressway and then move towards PC Bhurbhan Hotel where we will check in to the Deluxe Room in Pearl Continental Hotel Murree.

You have only seen romantic breakfasts and dinners in movies and dramas. Right?
Well, we will turn it into a reality by providing a delicious breakfast at 5-Star Hotel Pc Bhurbhan. Full romantic mahol, wo bhi kam paison mein 😛
After that, we will do more awaragardi and visit Nathiagali and Ayubia. Now after enough wandering, sightseeing, photography, and awaragardi, we will make our way back to Hotel Pc Bhurbhan.

On the last of your honeymoon trip, we will have a yummy breakfast in the hotel, and then head to the Murree City Mall Road (which is an optional choice, you can skip if you want). After that, we will depart to our destination Islamabad and arrive there around 5 pm.
So, here’s the end of our awaragardi, but this trip has certainly made you a proud awaragard, right?

Do you pay for activities like chairlifts, and others?

No. We do not pay for anything that is not mentioned in our list. We only cover the necessary charges for your trip including accommodation and fuel.

Do you offer free meals throughout the trip?

No, we don’t. We only provide breakfasts throughout the trip.

What if we want to skip some destination and travel to another one?

Well, we are not sure that we can make it happen. We travel to scheduled places that we already mentioned in the itinerary.

Can you tell me the costs of the trip?

We can tell you the costs on call. You can contact our team today and discuss everything about costs and trips.

Are there any important items I need to bring along?

Yes, it’s recommended to bring raincoats, a backpack, extra pair of shoes, socks, a water bottle, personal hygiene items, and other things you want to carry along.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

3 Days Honeymoon Trip to PC Bhurban
From ₨65000
/ Adult
  • 5 Star Hotel
  • Islamabad
  • Spring