3 Days honeymoon tour package to Nathiagali

3 Days


“Saray paise to shadi pay kharch ho gaye, ab honeymoon py kaise jayen gay?😥

If that’s you, then leave all the worries behind and pack your bags. Because we are going to take you on a 3-day honeymoon tour to Nathiagali, which is probably one of the most romantic destinations in Pakistan.

From covering your accommodation charges to providing neat and clean hotel rooms, we know what it takes to make our couple happy 😊 

So, don’t waste any more time thinking and planning, and just go grab your wallet, keys, bags, and sunglasses for the most romantic trip of your life. 😍

Cost Includes

  • Parking fees
  • Fuel
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast

Cost Excludes

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Any refreshments during the trip
  • Train or air tickets
  • Anything other than agreed


Pehla din, pehla chance biwi ko impress krnay ka. So, do your best.
We will start this romantic awaragardi with an early departure from Islamabad and travel to Nathiagali. After reaching there, we will head to the Ayubia chairlift where you can have lots of fun and adventure. After a few hours, we will travel to Nathiagali Bazar where you can shop for different items and taste yummy foods.

Adventure abhi baqi hai dost!!!
On the second day of our tour, we will continue some more awaragardi and make our way to Mushkpuri or Miranjani according to the schedule. You can take photos at those breathtaking places and enjoy some romantic moments together amidst hills, mountains, and greenery.
After a few hours, we will move to Dunga Gali Pipe Line Track which is a very easy walking track and takes 40-50 minutes to Ayubia. Once we arrive, we will visit Ayubia National Park where you can enjoy the elegant beauty of nature.

Ab waqt hay rawangi ka… per awaragardi abhi bhi khatam nahi hui!
On the last day of our awaragardi tour, we will visit Saint Mathew’s Church which is taken care of by a Muslim for three generations. Another destination will be Paradise Point which is one of the favorite tourist destinations.
After lots of fun and awaragardi, we will head to Islamabad in the evening and drop you off at the designated point. Congrats, now you can call yourself certified awaragards for life 😉

Do you pay for activities like chairlifts, and others?

No. We do not pay for anything that is not mentioned in our list. We only cover the necessary charges for your trip including accommodation and fuel.

Do you offer free meals throughout the trip?

No, we don’t. We only provide breakfasts throughout the trip.

What if we want to skip some destination and travel to another one?

Well, we are not sure that we can make it happen. We travel to scheduled places that we already mentioned in the itinerary.

Can you tell me the costs of the trip?

We can tell you the costs on call. You can contact our team today and discuss everything about costs and trips.

Are there any important items I need to bring along?

Yes, it’s recommended to bring raincoats, a backpack, extra pair of shoes, socks, a water bottle, personal hygiene items, and other things you want to carry along.

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3 Days honeymoon tour package to Nathiagali
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/ Adult
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