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Kumrat Valley is distinguished by its lush green meadows and dense pine forests. The valley is traversed by the Kumrat River, which adds to its natural beauty. This serene valley, often referred to as the “Switzerland of Pakistan,” is known for its lush meadows, pristine rivers, dense forests, and breathtaking landscapes. It’s a destination that offers a great escape into the heart of nature.

Activities in Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley is a haven for trekking and adventure enthusiasts. Scroll below to learn further activities to enjoy in Kumrat
Lush green meadows

Interesting Information About Kumrat Valley

Basic Details
947,401. +
334 Sq. km
8100 ft
Best Month to Visit
Snowfall Prediction
Dec - Feb
Max Snowfall Range

Distance of Kumrat Valley From Other Cities

Ayubia to Kumrat Valley
435.3 km
Nathia Gali to Kumrat Valley
416.6 km
Islamabad to Kumrat Valley
372.4 km
Muzaffarabad to Kumrat Valley
457.0 km
Abbottabad to Kumrat Valley
387.6 km
Rawalpindi to Kumrat Valley
369.1 km
Naran to Kumrat Valley
530.0 km
Murree to Kumrat Valley
437.2 km
Gilgit to Kumrat Valley
525.1 km
Lahore to Kumrat Valley
717.5 km
Multan to Kumrat Valley
867.3 km
Karachi to Kumrat Valley
1,740.4 km

Best Time to Visit
Kumrat Valley

°C (Max/Min)
4° / -5°
5° / -4°
12° / 0°
18° / 5°
24° / 10°
30° / 15°
31° / 17°
30° / 16°
27° / 12°
21° / 6°
13° / 0°
7° / -3°

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Start your trip from Peshawar or Islamabad, and take a public bus or shared van to Dir, which may take 6-8 hours. In Dir, switch to another vehicle heading to Thal, a town near Kumrat Valley. Finally, hire a local jeep or shared transport to travel from Thal to Kumrat Valley, a 2-3-hour journey on unpaved, rugged roads. Enjoy scenic views of the landscape throughout the adventure. Kumrat Valley awaits with its lush meadows and natural beauty upon your arrival. Be prepared for varying road conditions and consult locals for the latest transportation information.
To reach Kumrat Valley on your own, first, travel to Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, from Peshawar or Islamabad. From Dir, drive to Thall and continue towards Kumrat. The road journey involves rough terrain and takes approximately 8-10 hours, offering mesmerizing landscapes, lush meadows, and serene rivers along the way.

Trip Budget to Kumrat Valley

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget
that you will require for the travel

Hotels booking

from 2500 Rs/night


Start 10 Rs/km


Approx. 300 Rs/litr

Average meal cost

3000 Rs for 2 person

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20% Discount
If you reserve a tour with us in given timeframe.

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See What People Say About Their Trips to Kumrat Valley

The best thing in Kumrat Valley, I like is the snowfall. I went with my family & stayed three days & it such a quality time we spend together.
Kumail Tariq
Whenever i go Kumrat Valley, I get a chance to meet people from different cultures at one place. I love sceneric views. I love Kumrat Valley culture also.
Farhan Khan
Amazing palace to visit untabbed natural beauty of Pakistan Kumrat Valley has beauty which you might have not scene before.
Daniyal Janjua

People May Ask

While it’s possible to visit Kumrat in the winter, road conditions can be challenging due to snow and may limit accessibility.
The best time to visit Kumrat Valley is during the summer and spring months, from May to September when the weather is pleasant and the meadows are in full bloom.

In Kumrat Valley, some local specialties include traditional Pashtun cuisine like “Chapli Kebabs,” flavorful meat patties seasoned with spices, and “Landi Kotal Pulao,” a delicious rice dish. Additionally, you can savor “Shinwari Tikka,” tender marinated grilled meat, and “Kabuli Pulao,” a flavorful rice and meat dish, reflecting the rich regional flavors.

Yes, you can visit the nearby Kalash Valley and experience the unique culture and traditions of the Kalash people.
Nearby attractions include the beautiful Jahaz Banda and Thall Meadows, as well as the Kalash Valley.
The local cuisine in Kumrat includes traditional Pakistani dishes and can vary depending on where you dine.

Whether you want to book a honeymoon trip or a family trip from Karachi to Kumrat Valley, you can contact our experienced team, discuss your requirements, and travel in our highly equipped, comfortable, and spacious vehicles along with native drivers. 

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