What to Pack for a Corporate Tour to Babusar Top?

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Organizing a corporate tour to a destination as captivating yet rugged as Babusar Top requires meticulous planning, especially when it comes to packing. Babusar Top, with its breathtaking views, serves not just as a retreat from the corporate world but also as a testament to nature’s majesty. 

Situated at an elevation of 4,173 meters, it marks the highest point in the Kaghan Valley, offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding Himalayas. This guide will ensure you pack efficiently for a soothing corporate tour and trip to Babusar Top, focusing on essential items that cater to the unique challenges and opportunities of this high-altitude adventure.

Clothing: Layering is Key

The weather at Babusar Top can be quite unpredictable, ranging from sunny afternoons to chilly winds within hours. The key to comfort is layering.

  • Base Layer: Start with moisture-wicking base layers that keep you dry and comfortable. These are particularly useful for any outdoor activities you might engage in. 
  • Insulation Layer: Fleece or down jackets provide the necessary warmth. Given the corporate nature of the trip, opt for something that balances functionality with a professional look. 
  • Outer Layer: A waterproof and windproof jacket is essential. Sudden rain or snow can be part of the experience, and staying dry is crucial.
  • Trousers: Water-resistant and quick-drying trousers are recommended. Pack a pair of thermal leggings for additional warmth. 
  • Footwear: Waterproof hiking boots are a must, providing ankle support and grip for any light trekking activities. Don’t forget to break them in before the trip to avoid blisters. 
  • Accessories: Woolen socks, a warm hat, gloves, and a scarf will protect against the cold. Sunglasses and a sun hat are also necessary for protection against the sun’s rays at high altitudes.

Personal Items: Stay Prepared

Beyond clothing, personal items are essential for comfort and convenience during the trip.

  • Sunscreen: High-altitude sun exposure can lead to sunburn. Pack a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • Lip Balm and Moisturizer: The cold, dry air can chap lips and dry out skin. Choose products with SPF protection.
  • First Aid Kit: Include altitude sickness medication, pain relievers, antiseptic wipes, plasters, and any personal medication.
  • Hydration: Reusable water bottles or hydration packs are vital. Staying hydrated helps mitigate altitude sickness.
  • Snacks: Energy bars, nuts, and dried fruits can quickly boost energy during activities.
  • Personal Hygiene: Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and a basic toiletry kit are essentials, given the limited facilities in remote areas.

Tech and Gear: Enhancing the Experience

A corporate group travel to Babusar Top is incomplete without the gear and tech to capture and enhance the experience.

  • Camera: Whether a DSLR, a compact camera, or a smartphone camera, ensure you have a means to capture stunning landscapes.
  • Portable Chargers: Power sources may be scarce. A high-capacity power bank ensures your devices stay charged.
  • Binoculars: For wildlife spotting or simply admiring the distant peaks, a compact pair of binoculars can be invaluable.
  • Headlamp: Essential for any early morning or late evening activities, ensuring safety and convenience.

Group Essentials: Fostering Team Spirit

Corporate tours are about building connections and fostering team spirit. Some group essentials can enhance this experience.

  • Team Apparel: Custom jackets or caps help keep the team united and identify group members in crowded areas.
  • Games and Activities: Portable board games, cards, or team-building activities can make evenings more enjoyable and promote teamwork.
  • Portable Speakers: For background music during group activities, ensuring a pleasant ambiance.
  • Flag or Banner: A flag or banner representing the company can be a great prop for group photos and instilling a sense of pride and unity.

Packing Tips:

  • Compression Bags: Space can be limited, and compression bags are great for maximizing luggage space.
  • Weather-Proof Luggage: Ensure your bags are waterproof to protect your belongings.
  • Checklist: Use a checklist to ensure you don’t forget any essentials.
  • Luggage Tags: Clearly label your luggage to avoid mix-ups during travel.


Packing for a corporate tour and trip to Babusar Top involves preparing for a range of conditions and activities. From choosing the right clothing to packing personal and group essentials, every item should be selected with thoughtfulness and purpose. 

Remember, the goal is not just to visit Babusar Top but to experience it fully, in a way that strengthens bonds and leaves lasting memories. By packing efficiently and effectively, you can ensure that your corporate tour is not only soothing and enjoyable but also a catalyst for team building and personal growth. 

As you embark on this high-altitude adventure, let the majestic landscapes of Babusar Top inspire you and your team to new heights of collaboration and achievement.

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